Industrial batch washing system

Industrial batch washing system, also called continuous automatic washing, it is the most efficient way to wash and dry clothes for large production requirements. In a comprehensive way, is composed of a loading module, a batch washing system, an extractor press, and finally, a drying system. That is, all the necessary equipment for washing in […]

Special features of the laundries for hotels

The Hotel laundry equipment consists of specific machines to do the work required such establishments. For starters, their washers and dryers must be huge and must meet the highest quality standards to meet those required by law for hotels and hospitality venues. On the one hand, large plates are needed and very fast roller, which […]

Professional Equipment for dry-cleaners

One of the services that we all end up using for cleaning and treatment of some of our best clothes is the dry cleaning equipment. These establishments offer a personalized and professional care to clients who come with small amounts of clothing and, therefore, in that respect have nothing to do with industrial laundries. Instead, […]