Discover Punta Cana, a sun paradise

Some months ago, a poll stating that many Spaniards thought that Punta Cana was actually a country was published. This site is so important that even though it is a region of the Dominican Republic, it has the category of an independent republic. No jokes, there is no doubt that the good prices of the […]

Good rent during hard times

Unfortunately not all people who stay at hotels do it for business or pleasure; many stay because a family member is ill and needs specialized medical treatment, why it is so necessary to have good hotels near health centers. Sometimes it is a short visit, for a particular medical test, a specific query, a quick […]

Apartment very close to heaven

Posted on 24 Junio, 2014 by in Hotels

If these holidays are planning to visit the Mediterranean coast but want a cheaper option you can be Catalonia or Valencia itself then no doubt, is your Murcia region. Needless to say that this is one of the most beautiful regions of the Spanish territory. And besides its beaches it is a community with character […]

How to plan your trip to Lleida

Posted on 24 Marzo, 2014 by in Hotels

Is it time to try to plan a trip to Lleida but do not know how to do? If yes, first thing you do in thinking about what date will travel Lleida, because depending on the date, you may in the Lleida Hotel that suits your needs costing you a price or another. Depending on […]